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1. Will Servelen release my contact information to the Financial Adviser Representative (FAR)?
No. Servelen will not release your contact information to Financial Adviser Representative (FAR). We encourage you to share your contact information only when you have met up with the FAR and is comfortable with him/her.
2. For Servelen Ambassadors - Why is my profile page not available on the website after signing up?
You will need to first verify your email and your profile page will be published after Servelen has verified your MAS RNF Number. Please allow for up to 3 working days for your profile to be published on the website
3. Can I chat with the Financial Adviser Representative (FAR) on WhatsApp directly?
You may wish to use the Chat function on Servelen to communicate with the FAR as long as you wish to, till the time you are comfortable with sharing with the FAR your contact information. We recommend you to share your contact information only when you have met up with the FAR face to face.
4. Are there any fees for engaging any Financial Adviser Representative (FAR) on Servelen?
Servelen serves as a portal to review and connect you with the Financial Adviser Representative. We are not involved in any provision of sales advisory.
5. Are the Financial Adviser Representatives (FARs) listed on Servelen representing Servelen in providing financial advisory?
No. Servelen is not a Financial Adviser and does not provide any financial advisory services. We are a portal for you to review and connect with the FAR.
6. Does Servelen earn any commissions from sale of any financial products or services through the Financial Adviser Representatives (FARs) listed on Servelen?
No. Servelen is not involved in the FARs financial advisory services. Every FAR has a Financial Adviser for which he/she represents and it is on the profile page of the FAR on Servelen.
7. Will Servelen share my personal information on Servelen to other third parties?
No. However, if you are to register yourself for any events advertised through Servelen or to request for any advertiser to contact you on promotion through Servelen, we will then seek your consent to release your contact information to them for that purpose only.
8. Why is my review of the financial adviser not shown on the profile page?
The financial advisor will need to review the post first. After approval, earliest being one day after approval, will the review be posted.