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Why Servelen

Who We are and Why You have a Part in this.

At Servelen, we want you to find the financial consultant who will suit you. Find out more about him/her and what others say about them. Some would allow you to check them out on their social media profiles too!

The greater mission for Servelen is for all our Clients to enjoy financial planning with the help of the industry's best financial consultants.

Underlying this mission, we have 3 guiding principles:

1. Promote, 2. Build and 3. Create.

  • We want to PROMOTE financial consultants who provide good services.
  • We want to BUILD those who are starting out in this line.
  • Lastly, we want to CREATE new services to benefit our clients in this service journey together.

If you know of a financial consultant who provides good financial advisory, please recommend him/her to be listed on Servelen.

When he/she is listed on Servelen, please take one more step to rate and provide your review of him/her. Whether it's ratings or a liner you contribute to him/her, it goes a long way. Like the saying, "Little drops make a mighty ocean". They are counting on you, and Servelen is counting on you too!

Servelen is committed to helping the community, especially the lesser off. 10 percent of our revenue will go to helping our lesser off community in different ways, which we hope to share at the end of each year. With us launching in 2020 and your participation, we aim to start this by 2021.

Let us extend our hands to help others together. Servelen and you. Together. Your contribution matters!

Together with you!

Meet the Team

From left to right: Rachel Goh, Ian Dela Cruz, Raymond Lim, Er Chye Hoon, Joelle Tiong.

Raymond Lim
Founder & CEO
Ian Dela Cruz
Co-Founder & CTO
Er Chye Hoon
Project Director